What are your UK pension options in Portugal today?

What are today’s UK pension options for expatriates in Portugal and what can you do to ensure financial security in retirement?

UK government service pensions can continue to be taxed in Cyprus, for now

Cyprus and UK agreed an amendment to the new tax treaty so government service pension income can continue to be taxed in Cyprus till 2024.

Review your finances for the new year

New year is a good time to check your tax, savings, pension and estate planning are on track to meet your family’s needs in 2018 and beyond.

Planning for the future

The New Year is a good time to review your tax and financial planning, but don’t just focus on 2019 – you need to plan ahead for the future.

UK government admits Brexit may affect tax-free pension transfers

While government sources say expatriates will keep the right to transfer pensions in the EU post-Brexit, they admit the tax treatment may change.

How to get your finances Brexit-ready

Reviewing your currency, investment, tax planning and pension options now can help you secure financial security, whatever Brexit brings.

What you need to know today about UK pensions in France

We explore 7 key issues affecting UK pensions in France and how expatriates can take advantage of tax-efficient opportunities before Brexit.

Is time running out for today’s pension opportunities?

Now’s the time to review the current options for UK pensions and consider benefiting from tax-free QROPS transfers – before Brexit changes the rules.

Take time to review your finances for Portugal

Expatriates should review their residency, tax, property, estate planning and pension options to make the most of today's opportunities.

Reviewing your pension options in Cyprus in the face of Brexit

Expatriates in Cyprus today can leave pensions in the UK, take a lump sum, transfer overseas and more, but Brexit may limit the options.