Take steps to future-proof your legacy in Portugal

Good estate planning for expatriates in Portugal means considering local succession law, taxes, how your legacy will be used – and your own needs.

Will your family benefit from the new UK inheritance tax threshold?

The new main home residential nil rate band for inheritance tax starts in April 2017. Will your family receive a £1 million tax free allowance?

Retiring in the Balearics? Make sure your money lasts as long as you do

Taking the right steps now can help you stretch your retirement income to afford the lifestyle you want in Mallorca or Menorca for as long as you need.

How does French succession law impact your family?

France imposes forced heirship, so you cannot freely divide your estate as you wish. You can now use Brussels IV to opt for UK law to apply instead, but this may have unexpected consequences.

Your last will and testament (France)

France imposes forced heirship, so you cannot use your will to leave assets freely. However under Brussels IV you can opt for UK succession law to apply to your estate.

Estate planning for France - Will your family be treated the way you want them to?

Estate planning in France is made far more challenging by ‘forced heirship’ succession law and inheritance tax rates of up to 60%. The regime is particularly daunting for complex family situations.

Your Last Will And Testament And Living In Portugal

As a UK national living in Portugal it may be advisable to have two wills: a Portuguese one covering local assets and another in the UK covering other assets. Make sure one does not revoke the other. If you want to avoid Portuguese forced heirship you need to state this in your will.

What Will Happen To Your Legacy? Estate Planning For Expatriates In Mallorca

How will your wealth be passed down to your children, grandchildren and other chosen heirs? How will they handle your legacy? Will it help give them long-term financial security? How much will they actually receive, and how much will go to the taxman?

Changes To UK's Domicile Rules

Proposed new domicile rules may affect Britons leaving the UK or returning after living abroad and could potentially undo previous inheritance tax planning for expatriates.

Estate planning in Mallorca? Will you have control and certainty?

If you have moved to Mallorca it is important to review your estate planning to take the Spanish succession tax and succession law regime into account. You want to ensure that the right assets pass to the right people, at the right time and with as little tax as possible.