Has any light been shed on Brexit for expatriates in Spain?

Now that British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has outlined her negotiating plans for Brexit, what do we know about how it might affect expatriates in Spain?

The tax landscape in Andalucía in 2017

You need to review your tax planning from time to time, to check that it is up to date with tax reforms and that you’re using all the available opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities.

Exchange of information and living in France

The new global automatic exchange of information affects everyone who lives in France and has financial assets or receives income outside France. Are you sure you are paying tax in the right country?

How are your savings protected?

For peace of mind you should establish what investor protection you have with each of your banks, in the event of institutional failure, and how it works.

What you need to know about pensions today (France)

With Brexit uncertainty and a range of options available, pensions can be a source of concern and confusion. For expatriates, however, there are opportunities on offer.

Wealth tax in France. How are you affected?

Wealth tax in an extra tax in France that affects wealthier residents. It is charged on the value of your household’s worldwide assets each year.

Tax on savings and investments in France

Are you protecting your savings and investments from unnecessary taxation in France? You may need to reconsider the way you hold your investments.

Wealth creation and management - Five key elements for success in France

In our view, there are five key aspects that you need to address to ensure you obtain the optimum investment portfolio to suit you and your particular situation.

Make time to future-proof your legacy (France)

Estate planning is complex and there are various things UK expatriates in France need to consider. Ensure your legacy will be distributed as you wish without leaving your heirs a hefty tax bill.

Lifetime allowance can lead to unexpected taxes (France)

The lifetime allowance limits how much you can hold in total pension benefits without triggering an extra tax charge of 55% or 25%.