The UK general elections and Brexit

Brexit negotiations should start as planned in spite of the UK general election result. Expatriates’ rights are expected to be protected and tackled early.

What tax reforms can we expect under President Macron?

New French President Macron has promised significant tax cuts. In particular he pledged to reform wealth tax so it only applies to property.

What answers do Brits in France have, one year on from the Brexit vote?

A year on from the Brexit vote, do we know how it could affect taxation, investing, currencies and pensions for expatriates in France?

Income tax time in France

Now’s the time to submit French tax returns and review your tax planning to check you are benefiting from all available opportunities.

UK inheritance tax reforms

The residential nil rate band means you can pass more wealth to your family tax-free. It started on 6th April but the domicile reforms were put on hold.

Protect your wealth from tax in Cataluña

Reduce your tax bills. Know your income tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax and succession tax liabilities in Catalonia, Barcelona, Girona and Lleida.

Various UK reforms on hold, including domicile changes

Changes to UK’s domicile rules due to start on 6th April 2017, which could affect inheritance tax planning, are on hold till after the elections.

Setting up home in Menorca - the financial essentials

Moving to or living in Menorca? Understand how Spanish tax will affect you and seek advice on estate planning and effective investment strategies.

No surprises in UK Spring Budget other than a sting in the tail for pensions

Much of the 2017 UK Spring Budget confirmed pledges made in 2016’s Autumn Statement, but a new tax on overseas pension transfers was largely unexpected.

How does French succession law impact your family?

France imposes forced heirship, so you cannot freely divide your estate as you wish. You can now use Brussels IV to opt for UK law to apply instead, but this may have unexpected consequences.