Now is the time to secure tax-free pensions in Portugal

With a change on the cards for non-habitual residency rules in Portugal, there may be a limited time to lock in tax-free UK pension income.

Substantial reduction for succession tax in Andalucía

Andalucia has announced a major tax reform for 2018 which would substantially reduce succession tax for your spouse and children.

Brexit talks offer more certainty on citizens’ rights

What has been agreed in the fourth round of Brexit negotiations on freedom of movement, healthcare, pensions and other expatriate rights?

Major tax reforms in France

The France 2018 budget includes significant changes to how investment income and assets are taxed, including reducing wealth tax.

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Get to know today’s pension landscape

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Assurance-vie in France. Is it worth setting one up if you are over 70?

Assurance-vie policies offer tax and estate planning advantages. While some are lost after age 70 there are still benefits for you and your heirs.

‘Brussels IV’ and Portugal: How to ensure your legacy goes to the right place

‘Brussels IV’ lets expats override Portugal’s succession law to ensure their estate goes to chosen heirs – but beware the tax consequences.

First tax information exchange starting

Global tax transparency through the new ‘automatic exchange of information’ means expats need to take extra care with their tax planning.

Right Place, Wrong Taxes (Spain)

UK nationals living in Spain need to make sure they are paying the right taxes in the right country – getting it wrong could prove costly.